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Cleanroom Validation

Cleanroom Validation

Cleanroom Validation services Kes GroupOur Cleanroom Validation services include:

  • Generation and Execution of IQ/OQ Documentation
  • Cleanroom Validation in line with ISO 14644 and FED Standard 209E
  • Cleanroom Validation Feasibility Studies
  • Validation of Laminar Air Flow Devices
  • HEPA Filter Integrity / Leak Testing
  • Airborne Particulate Count Analysis
  • Environmental Testing including Temperature, Humidity, Noise and Light levels
  • Airflow Visualisations

KES Validation specialise in providing independent cleanroom validation services for the pharmaceutical, medical devices, semi-conductor and healthcare industries.

Our in-house teams can develop and execute site specific IQ / OQ documentation in line with facility and client requirements and perform hands-on clean room qualification in line with ISO 14644.

KES also perform ongoing Validation which is required to ensure that your cleanroom facility remains within the specified standards.


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Cleanroom Validation Projects:



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