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Heatload Testing

Heatload Testing

Heatload Testing services Kes GroupOur Heatload Testing services include:

  • Generation & execution of IST (Integrated System Testing) documentation
  • Floor and Rack mountable heaters for even load distribution
  • Verify cooling capacity of room
  • Redundancy testing of Electrical / Mechanical systems
  • Data-logging of temperature & humidity
  • Verify environmental parameters of Electrical / Mechanical systems
  • Client demonstration

KES Heat Load Testing enables computer room and data hall cooling equipment to be verified prior to installation of live equipment. KES provide test documentation, a range of floor and rack mountable heaters and temperature / humidity data-logging equipment.

Load testing should be carried out on all new Data Hall or computer room installations to verify design cooling capacities are achieved along with mechanical and electrical system redundancy. Failure to heat load test could result in having localised hot spots, inadequate over all cooling capacity and a lack of verified system redundancy.


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Heatload Testing Projects:




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