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HVAC Commissioning

KES Group HVAC Commissioning ServicesHVAC Commissioning

Our HVAC Commissioning services include:

  • Commissioning management
  • Commissioning feasibility studies
  • Commissioning test packs
  • Commissioning test and balance (TAB)
  • Ultrasonic flow readings
  • System energy optimisation
  • Fault finding & trouble shooting

KES TAB Commissioning is the core of our business activities and involves the provision of commissioning management, digital commissioning test-packs and TAB commissioning services for HVAC systems.

All works carried out in line with specific client/project requirements and the latest revision of BSRIA, CIBSE and ASHRAE Guidelines and codes of practice.

Systems that are not commissioned properly are not fit for use, cause hot and cold spots, reduce energy efficiency of main plant, increase maintenance costs and can also reduce the life cycle of equipment.

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HVAC Commissioning Projects:




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